About SSPU


An innovation in education, Sri Sharada Pre-university College hails from Koppal, North Karnataka. Established in the year 2019, the institution is founded by Sri V. R. Patil and Sri S. R. Patil in fond memory of their mother Late Smt. Sharada Patil. It was only a couple of years back, that the North Karnataka region witnessed a bloom in educational institutes. Even then, there was a dearth of available good-quality residential schools with facilities lacking, as compared to some of the leading institutes from bigger cities. Uncontended students had to migrate to larger cities in search of a worthy school. Thus began the idea of SSIS & PU College. With a quest to bring top-notch facilities beyond the imagination of students and delivering world class exposure to their vicinity, the first stone of foundation was laid on the event of Dusshera, on 19th October, 2018.


From the beginning, the founders were clear on their uncompromised attitude towards providing only the best and safest state-of-art learning environment to the students of the region. Being a rural establishment, it overcame all the challenges of setting up a magnificent infrastructure and drawing in qualified and experienced faculty and management. Today, the institution has not only endured it all with brilliant grace, but has also managed to make a significant progress in all its horizons. With a belief that every child deserves to be recognized and given a platform to showcase their talents, SSPU is proving to be a pioneer in the region in seizing the opportunity.